Migrate from a wide range of content/collaboration systems to on-premises and cloud SharePoint deployments

Microsoft SharePoint is the leading enterprise content/collaboration platform, with both on-premises and a variety of cloud-based deployment options. Enterprises seeking to fully leverage SharePoint Server, however, often have to address several challenges when migrating legacy content/collaboration resources to a new SharePoint deployment. CASAHL DART makes it easy to address the migration challenges with an enterprise-scale, market-proven, and award-winning solution that has been used for thousands of SharePoint migrations worldwide.

Enterprise SharePoint migration challenges addressed by CASAHL include:

  • Multiple content sources: CASAHL supports the full range of widely-installed legacy content/collaboration systems, including legacy releases of SharePoint along with Exchange public folders, the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino family of products (Notes, QuickPlace/Quickr, and Domino Document Manager), file server and file sharing services (e.g., Box and Google Drive), and CMIS-compliant enterprise content management systems (such as EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet).

  • Identification of key enterprise content: CASAHL’s pre-migration assessment makes it possible for enterprise planners to identify the most valuable content/collaboration resources to migrate, and to identify unused or otherwise low-value resources that can be archived or deleted. CASAHL’s pre-migration assessment can also dramatically reduce the number of content repositories and collaborative applications to be migrated, saving considerable time and effort.

  • Content optimization: CASAHL determines the best form-follows-function target tool for legacy content/collaboration resources. Many legacy resources can be modernized and made more valuable through application disaggregation and recomposition, with, for example, document collections moved to OneDrive for Business, large structured lists migrated to SQL Server (or Azure SQL Database), conversations moving to Office 365 Groups, and form-based collaborative applications being simplified and streamlined for the latest SharePoint features. The alternative, migrating applications in a like-for-like approach, perpetuates problems with legacy applications and fails to fully leverage the new Microsoft platform capabilities.

  • Coexistence support: CASAHL facilitates seamless integration between legacy and new deployments, making it possible to have a “soft landing” SharePoint migration that minimizes business disruption. High-priority applications can be immediately migrated, while lower-priority applications can be migrated later, based on business priorities, and CASAHL DART will automatically and seamlessly integrate these legacy and new applications for the interim period.

  • Integration with external systems: CASAHL can integrate new SharePoint deployments with other enterprise application and database systems. DART’s multi-source/multi-target platform support empowers developers to integrate SharePoint applications with both on-premises and cloud-based backend systems, typically by synchronizing structured data managed by the backend systems with new SharePoint applications; see the Enterprise Integration page for more details.

  • Hybrid SharePoint/Office 365 deployment support: CASAHL DART’s unique multi-source/multi-target capabilities and automated synchronization services make it the ideal solution for organizations seeking to leverage the best of Microsoft’s on-premises and cloud-based content/collaboration platforms.

  • Ongoing assessment: CASAHL provides capabilities that can help to ensure new SharePoint deployments stay optimized post-migration. By periodically using the DART assessment tools to achieve and maintain ongoing awareness of the content in their new SharePoint system, enterprises can be confident their deployments will continue to effectively leverage SharePoint capabilities; this also makes it simple to identify opportunities to target new SharePoint features as they become available.

CASAHL’s support for SharePoint Server also makes it possible to transition content automatically and without losing any of the fidelity of legacy system content. Enterprises interested in learning more should feel free to contact us; for additional details on CASAHL’s offerings for Office 365, please see: