Enterprises need to know what’s stored in their content and application repositories before making infrastructure decisions or planning a migration to the cloud. Unfortunately, companies often accumulate application platforms over the years, sometimes including multiple platforms designed to provide the same function. These legacy environments and systems require continued support and resources, costing companies money every year. Attempting to modernize these repositories without first optimizing them simply recreates the same problems in new environments, making it difficult for enterprises to centralize content or improve security, IT oversight, and compliance across the organization. CASAHL is here to help you avoid that.

The Pre-Migration Assessment employs easy-to-use, high-performance tools to help enterprises understand which legacy resources are being used effectively and identify opportunities to reduce expenses on hardware, software, and licensing. Pre-Migration Assessment makes it simple to discover and analyze information about a variety of collaboration and content platforms – including legacy SharePoint, Notes/Domino, Google Drives and Sites, Confluence, Exchange Public Folders, file systems, and CMIS-enabled enterprise content management (ECM) platforms – and helps enterprises identify and remediate potential obstacles to migration, such as external dependencies or complex legacy applications.

The Pre-Migration Assessment product is not exclusively for enterprises that have already made the decision to migrate. It is often used by enterprises that simply seek to gain a better understanding of their current content/collaboration deployments, including assessing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of existing content, and offering preliminary guidance on potential migration options. It’s also a useful option for enterprises that want to modernize and optimize resources within their current deployments, e.g., to take full advantage of new capabilities when content/collaboration platforms or cloud services are updated.

Benefits of the Pre-Migration Assessment include:

    • Increased migration efficiency: by identifying unused content and flagging it for archival, the Pre-Migration Assessment reduces the volume of content to be migrated by the Fixed-Fee Migration. Reduced migration volume means a faster migration and thus less disruption to business users.

    • Reduced infrastructure cost: cutting or reducing dependency on legacy platforms not only impacts infrastructure cost by sharply reducing licensing and maintenance fees for legacy systems, but by decreasing the costs of the hardware and personnel needed to keep the legacy systems running, and by identifying inactive content that can be moved to less expensive storage or archival to reduce the TCO.

    • Full content fidelity: an important part of legacy content is the information surrounding it, including metadata, access control, and sharing semantics that provide context to information assets such as documents, rich text, conversations, lists, and sites. The Pre-Migration Assessment identifies and retains all that information and flags it to make sure that the Fixed-Fee Migration will reproduce it faithfully in the new deployment.

    • Multiple sources, multiple targets: since the Pre-Migration Assessment is based on CASAHL’s DART suite, this single product works with the same wide range of legacy content sources and target systems.

    • Ongoing assessment: many enterprises engage the Pre-Migration Assessment to inventory accumulated content repositories in preparation for large-scale transition projects, but that is not its only application. Regularly scheduled ongoing assessments enable the Pre-Migration Assessment to set the groundwork necessary to keep content organized and identified long after the initial assessment has been completed.

After being run, Pre-Migration Assessment delivers highly-detailed reports on complexity, volume, usage, and much more to help you decide which legacy content to move and modernize in the cloud. These reports are used to help enterprises determine the best ways to handle content and are used in conjunction with CASAHL’s Rationalization, Fixed-Fee Migration, and Application Recomposition products. Pre-Migration Assessment also sets the groundwork necessary to keep content organized and identified via ongoing assessments, which can be scheduled to meet your enterprise’s needs.

CASAHL offers another option, our Content and App Migration Quick Start, for enterprises that want to explore next steps after a Pre-Migration Assessment but aren’t ready to begin a fully fledged migration for any reason. Quick Start provides a low-risk and cost-effective way to experience your legacy content and apps optimized for Office 365. See this page for more details.

If you would like to know more about engaging CASAHL for a Pre-Migration Assessment for your enterprise, or about the Quick Start program, feel free to contact us for more information.