Transition from Exchange Public Folders to the Cloud

Exchange Server was the foundation of Microsoft’s collaboration strategy before SharePoint was introduced, and many Exchange customer enterprises still have collections of content repositories and collaborative applications based on Exchange public folders. The public folder model is no longer a strategic part of Microsoft’s collaboration/content strategy. As a result, many enterprises seek to migrate their Exchange public folders-based collaborative applications and content to SharePoint or Office 365; CASAHL offers enterprises several unique advantages with which to streamline that transition.

Although public folders were revised in Exchange Server 2013 (after being deprecated in earlier releases), SharePoint and Office 365 remain the foundations of Microsoft’s collaborative application and content strategy. The modern tools and user experiences available in SharePoint and Office 365 are more compelling and productive than their earlier Exchange counterparts as well, which is why a key feature of CASAHL’s support for Exchange public folders is the ability to optimize their content for the best fit in new Microsoft platform deployment. This optimization process allows enterprises to determine which content is valuable enough to migrate, which area of the new deployment that content should be migrated to, and carry out that transition, all without losing the fidelity of the original Exchange public folders content.

Most enterprises use a variety of different collaboration and content tools, so the fact that ecKnowledge works with a wide variety of leading systems and is not limited to Exchange platform transitions is another important consideration. Enterprises working with CASAHL can address their full portfolio with a single, lifecycle-based solution.

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