Fixed-Fee Migration (FFM) uses reports generated by Pre-Migration Assessment to migrate legacy content identified as low- or medium-complexity at a low, fixed cost. Content stored in standard template-based applications, sites, folders, and/or content repositories can be migrated quickly and efficiently, leaving your enterprise’s IT personnel free to focus their efforts on more complex applications and content types. In addition, FFM is built on CASAHL’s ecKnowledge transition and works with the same full range of source and target systems, including Lotus Notes, Google Drives and Sites, SharePoint, file shares including Box and Dropbox, and Office 365, among others.

CASAHL’s FFM product is uniquely efficient because it enables enterprises to carry out migrations:

      • Automatically: FFM uses specialized APIs to create and execute jobs in CASAHL’s transition platform without human oversight, serving to both drastically increase migration speed and increase efficiency by freeing up IT personnel to handle other migration tasks.

      • Reliably: FFM has a three-step verification process, composed of reviews of migration logs, use of an automated verification tool, and regular checks by our experienced migration team, to ensure that the migration goes smoothly.

      • As a single system: since FFM builds on the DART suite, it can consolidate content from the entire range of source systems DART works with and migrate that content to any of the target platforms DART can use, making it possible to transition content from and to multiple sources with only the one product.

      • With full content fidelity: none of the information identified by the Pre-Migration Assessment gets lost or left out during migration.

Engaging with CASAHL to migrate the “low-hanging fruit” quickly builds enterprise-wide adoption momentum for a new cloud deployment as well, since it enables business users to access important content in new deployments right away. If your enterprise is interested in jump-starting a migration please feel free to contact us for more information; the initial steps of FFM can be completed within mere days of engagement. Fixed-Fee Migration is often deployed in tandem with Application Recomposition or as a follow-up to CASAHL’s Rationalization or Quick Start products.