CASAHL has over two decades of experience supporting large enterprise migration and integration projects, so if you’ve hit a snag, we can help. Our experts have the experience and know-how to solve migration problems in both modern and legacy systems (even as far back as Notes, for which we’ve won a Microsoft Partner of the Year for Notes Migration award).

Note: while the services on this page are equally available to enterprises that have licensed the DART suite and enterprises that have engaged CASAHL’s other services, they are geared towards enterprises that are carrying out their own migrations with DART; enterprises that have engaged us to carry out migrations for them are unlikely to need these services.

CASAHL Power User Training

Want to help your team learn to use the DART suite ASAP? This training uses a self-contained “virtual machine” (CASAHL VMware), downloadable to your IT personnel’s laptop(s), to walk you and your team through sample migration scenarios under the guidance of our expert trainer. Each instance of power training includes up to 2 hours of content customized to fit your specific migration project.

The training is composed of 2 half-days of curriculum-driven webcast material that covers:

  • CASAHL DART for rationalization

  • ecKnowledge for migration, integration, and coexistence

CASAHL Product Technical Support

We pride ourselves on keeping our products accessible, and can assist your team with:

  • General guidance regarding the use of CASAHL products

  • Standard configuration of data source drivers shipped with CASAHL products

  • Job processing behavior (including differences between import/export jobs, replication jobs, and publication / subscription / broadcast jobs)

  • Interpretation of CASAHL software error messages

  • Installation and configuration of CASAHL products

  • Client-level software connection requirements

  • Job scheduler behavior

  • Data source connection requirements

  • Recommended practices for developing job components

  • CASAHL job monitoring tools (including system catalog, log, and publication/subscription queue status manager)

  • Access to CASAHL Knowledgebase

CASAHL Migration Technical Support

Even the best-laid migration plans can go awry. This service is intended to address any issues encountered during migration. CASAHL experts will help you troubleshoot your problem live, offer guidance and solutions, and consult with you to mentor your migration/integration team to success. They will work with you via webcast, phone, Skype, or remote access, depending on the best approach, to solve those problems, up to and including complex migration scenarios specific to your project.

Engaging CASAHL’s migration experts gives you access (by the hour) to complex and customer-specific migration and integration questions. For information specific to your query, please let us know using the Order Support form on the right and we’ll get started; feel free to contact us for more information as well.