ecKnowledge for Notes is CASAHL’s migration engine, a uniquely powerful and high-performance tool used to implement and centrally manage the transition plans developed in CASAHL’s DART for Notes & Domino rationalization space. Its specialized APIs make it simple to move content from a variety of source systems into a target system or systems with minimal effort; jobs can even be migrated automatically, enabling IT personnel to focus their attention on other migration tasks. ecKnowledge works with Lotus Notes, Domino, QuickPlace, Quickr, and the full range of CASAHL’s other supported systems, as illustrated below.



ecKnowledge gives enterprises three ways to bring their legacy Notes content to their new deployments: they can

  • Migrate simple content automatically using techniques developed with Notes migration in mind, allowing enterprises to dramatically speed up the migration process while cutting down on user errors introduced during manual migration and focusing migration efforts elsewhere.

  • Migrate complex custom applications to the target systems or, in some cases, break them down and rebuild them so that they better fit the target deployment – see our Application Recomposition service for more details.

  • Manage ongoing synchronization between source and target systems to ensure that users maintain access to the content they need during the migration; sync can be maintained indefinitely in the case that an enterprise can’t or won’t retire their old Notes system.


ecKnowledge also can handle a wide range of migration and integration tasks beyond simple document transfers: it can automatically handle discussions, inter-document relationships, job scheduling, and access control details with support for multiple authentication models. As a single solution able to work with a wide variety of content source and target systems, ecKnowledge also supports integration between content systems, database management systems, and other structured data resources (such as enterprise applications).

After a migration is complete, ecKnowledge can also be used to verify the migration results, comparing the old Notes deployment and new cloud deployment to make sure that all content is accounted for and in the proper place in its new home. By carrying out a migration with ecKnowledge, enterprises provide users with a minimally disruptive transition while enjoying its seamless support for the most widely-deployed content and collaboration systems and the dramatic reductions in time and labor costs associated with large scale transition projects that it provides.


If your enterprise is interested in learning more about ecKnowledge for Notes, please feel free to contact us for more information, or download the Notes migration overview datasheet to learn more.