Want to consolidate content and apps from multiple legacy systems into a single modern system like Office 365 or SharePoint? Need help moving valuable content out of Box, Google Drive, Google Sites, legacy SharePoint, and/or Notes/Domino systems? CASAHL can help.

CASAHL’s broad range of supported systems lets enterprises migrate content from legacy systems with full content fidelity and support for hybrid deployments, even when those systems contain complex customized apps or deprecated features. CASAHL’s DART suite offers unmatched breadth and system-specific insight for migration projects, including detailed activity reports that can help enterprises reduce the total cost of owning and maintaining their content, and detailed lists of potential migration blockers. This solution lifecycle works with sources ranging from legacy Notes/Domino deployments to first-generation Internet services such as Google Sites.

This list of sources is not exhaustive; we’re also in the process of implementing support for new systems including Atlassian Confluence, so if you don’t see the source or target system you’re looking for, please contact us to see if it’s supported or coming soon! To learn more about our existing in-depth support for specific systems, read about our offerings…

By Source:

Looking to get content out of any of these repositories? Tell us which target system(s) your enterprise wants to move to and we’ll make it happen. CASAHL’s support for these systems lets enterprises consolidate content from one or many source systems and optimize it for a modern system without losing any of the fidelity of the original content.

By Target:

Consolidating content from multiple systems doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Enterprises looking to migrate to the following systems can consolidate and modernize deployments spread across Notes/Domino and other sources into these up-to-date systems without losing the original fidelity of the content.

For Enterprise Integration:

Many enterprises need interim integration support during multi-step migration projects, and many often need ongoing integration between legacy content/collaboration deployments, new content/collaboration target systems, and traditional enterprise systems. CASAHL’s experience with these sources helps enterprises integrate their content systems with external database management systems (DBMS) and enterprise apps.

CASAHL’s broad set of supported systems applies the advantages of the DART suite to the specific systems your enterprise is looking to transition, and to address challenges specific to those systems. Taking the DART lifecycle approach to the entire set of supported systems ensures an effective and efficient migration, no matter which systems your enterprise is transitioning from or to. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or continue reading about the DART suite to find out more.