Enterprises using Office 365 sometimes need a way to migrate content out of an Office 365 deployment, generally in order to consolidate multiple Office 365 deployments after a merger or acquisition, or to bring independent divisions all using Office 365 onto the same deployment. CASAHL supports the assessment, migration, and optimization of Office 365 content, including content and apps from SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, in these tenant-to-tenant migrations. In addition, the assessment service can also be used on a continuous basis to ensure SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business resources stay optimized in an Office 365 deployment.

Migrations of content out of Office 365 draw on CASAHL’s DART lifecycle like any other migration:


The consolidation and migration of Office 365 starts with an assessment, then moves to rationalization and migration planning. Once a site or section of content has been rationalized it can be migrated in an automated fashion to the target Office 365 tenant using CASAHL’s migration engine, the same as any other supported system. Using the enterprise-proven approach that drives the DART lifecycle allows CASAHL’s support for Office 365 and tenant-to-tenant migrations to offer the same business benefits CASAHL has delivered in enterprise-scale on-premises-to-cloud migration projects, including:


  • Infrastructure Cost Savings: identifying unused and under-used content in your O365 tenant(s) can reduce the migration scope and consolidate resources, thus saving on migration costs and administrative overhead.

  • User-Defined Migration Scope: CASAHL’s DART Dashboard system lets both business users and stakeholders participate in the Office 365 optimization and rationalization process in the DART Dashboard, a custom-made Office 365 workspace, making planning and conducting migrations more efficient and less resource-intensive as well as easing the transition for users.
  • Full Utilization of Current Office 365 Content: consolidating and optimizing content for Office 365 can help enterprises better leverage Office 365’s powerful services and apps, making pre-existing content more readily usable, understandable, and searchable, as well as more secure.

  • Continuous Transition: the DART lifecycle makes it simple to continuously optimize and migrate the content in your current Office 365 environment(s), which lets enterprises migrate at their own pace and maintain coexistence between deployments as long as necessary.

Enterprises that prefer to focus IT on deployment, security, and compliance rather than overseeing each stage of their optimization and modernization projects themselves often engage CASAHL to set up and carry out migrations for them using our Assessment Service, Rationalization Service, Fixed-Fee Migration Service, and Application Recomposition Service. Read about the other sources CASAHL supports, including Google Drive/Sites, Dropbox, Lotus Notes, Box, and other versions of SharePoint, or feel free to contact us for more information.