The Content and App Migration Quick Start is a great option for enterprises that have completed a Pre-Migration Assessment but want to have more experience with the CASAHL DART product suite before beginning a Fixed-Fee Migration engagement.

Quick Start provides a low-risk and cost-effective means of developing a detailed migration project plan while also demonstrating proof-of-concept by migrating several high-priority sites and a prototype application to Office 365. It’s essentially a try-before-you-buy subset of a Fixed-Fee Migration engagement, including:

  • A 2-day on-site expert-led session with a DART demonstration and detailed planning

  • Provisioning of a migration project workspace in Office 365, establishing a collaborative environment for stakeholders to jointly review and set migration priorities

  • Migration of a representative set of standard apps (typically document and discussion sites) and a prototype migration for one complex workflow app, to provide hands-on experience with legacy enterprises resources optimized for Office 365

  • The prototype app migration provides a preview of Application Recomposition, typically for Lotus Notes or SharePoint sources

Quick Start source options include:

  • Lotus Notes, including Quickr/QuickPlace

  • SharePoint

  • Google Drive/Sites

  • Box

  • Dropbox

  • File shares

  • Exchange public folders

Enterprises seeking to migrate content and apps from multiple sources can use multiple Quick Start engagements, all leveraging the same highly-automated DART solution and all serving as inputs to a consolidated overall migration plan.

To get started with Quick Start, please contact: