Move from Confluence to a platform with more comprehensive capabilities and connections


Atlassian Confluence is a popular team collaboration software, but despite its popularity, many enterprises find it increasingly restrictive compared to fully fledged platforms like the extended Microsoft suite. CASAHL is here to help those enterprises move their content from Confluence to a system that better fits their needs.

The most common system that enterprises want to migrate from Confluence to is SharePoint Online, which offers some of the same functionality as Confluence while being able to draw on the rest of Microsoft’s offerings, unlike the less expansive Confluence-Jira duo. CASAHL has developed a Confluence-specific migration process to ensure that all of an enterprise’s content, as well as metadata, attachments, posts, blogs, spaces, and other details, can be migrated to an enterprise’s system of choice.

When that system is SharePoint Online, Confluence’s features can be mapped smoothly into those offered by SharePoint Online. Confluence Pages are converted into a SharePoint Wiki Page Library (and associated attachments and comments into Document Libraries and Discussion Boards respectively). Confluence Blogs are turned into a Blog Posts List, and Spaces are turned into SharePoint sites.


Example: Confluence content before migration

Confluence content after migration:

Please note, however, that CASAHL’s Confluence migration does not include migration of Jira Charts, Issue Calendars, Reports, or Road Maps; integration with HipChat is similarly not supported as a migration feature. Some other features of Confluence, primarily based around social features, also do not translate neatly into SharePoint Online.


If your enterprise is one of those that uses Confluence is tandem with other systems, please see the full list of systems CASAHL can migrate; if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us. For additional details on CASAHL’s offerings, please see: