CASAHL DART Lifecycle Manager delivers instant access to key project metrics

The central planning hub for CASAHL’s DART suite is called DART Lifecycle Manager (DLM). It’s CASAHL’s internal-use-only architecture for carrying out the rationalization process, and allows CASAHL’s transition planners to work as a team with big-picture guidance from enterprise personnel to formulate and adjust plans throughout the transition project. The DLM is a specialized and time-tested way for us to bring information gathered from Crawler and Analyzer together with input from IT staff and business users to ensure an informed and productive rationalization phase.

How it works:

  • Inputs: DLM manages the deployed collaboration/content systems to be inventoried via information provided by the CASAHL Crawler and Analyzer.
  • Link to the Business: With this robust dashboard, CASAHL’s transition planners can reach out into the business to understand how collaborative resources are being used.
  • Outputs: When transition project plans are ready to be executed, DART Lifecycle Manager can automatically generate detailed instructions for CASAHL ecKnowledge.

A screenshot of DART Lifecycle Manager

Items in DLM’s dashboard site. Migration information and details on the credentials and site information (right) of the migrated content are readily available.

Key Features:

DLM Dashboard provides a centralized space from which to review data, solicit input from business users, and automate the setting of tasks for CASAHL’s transition platform. This makes it easy for CASAHL’s transition planners to use DART Lifecycle Manager to request input on transition plans from the business users who are most familiar with specific resources. These users can share their opinions on the business value of the resources, along with their preferences for transition actions and priorities, to help identify important business considerations that aren’t obvious to automated analysis. This enables CASAHL’s DART Lifecycle Manager users to identify and save critical collaborative applications and content that may not fit standard usage patterns (e.g., a tax-reporting app that’s only active once or twice a year), and thus might otherwise be overlooked by a strictly automated analysis.

Business Impact:

With DART Lifecycle Manager, CASAHL is able to consult the data from Crawler and Analyzer in conjunction with additional data from information workers to establish plans of action and produce detailed reports for the customer’s IT team to work with. Allowing CASAHL to do this means the enterprise’s business domain experts can take the lead in determining transition priorities, while freeing up their IT planners to focus on the new platform deployment. It’s a more efficient way to migrate while ensuring that important information isn’t overlooked. Feel free to contact us for more information, or download the datasheet to learn more.

DART Lifecycle Manager: the R in DART

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