Quick and cost-effective migration of legacy content and collaborative apps to the cloud

Migration is complicated, but migrations involving legacy systems don’t have to be expensive or painful. CASAHL is here to help enterprises reduce expenses, improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) for content and applications, smooth transitions, and move to new environments faster, whether those new environments are cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both.

CASAHL can help with everything from classic legacy systems to file shares, and can move your enterprise’s legacy content to one or several cutting-edge target systems. The process runs content from one or several of the legacy sources listed below through CASAHL’s proven lifecycle system, the DART Suite (pictured below), then migrates it to one or several of the listed cloud deployments.



How Is It Used?

CASAHL generally sees two sets of concerns: enterprises that have already decided to migrate, and enterprises that need help understanding their legacy systems before making any infrastructure decisions. Even understanding what’s in their legacy systems before deciding whether to migrate can be overwhelming for some enterprises. The DART suite supports both methods of engagement.


Enterprises that simply want to gain a comprehensive understanding of their current content/collaboration deployments, along with guidance on potential migration options and ways to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) before and after moving to the cloud, can do so using CASAHL’s assessment service. The assessment service provides an objective and detailed fact-based report that helps enterprises discover opportunities to modernize and optimize resources within existing deployments, and can be used to inform future migration projects for enterprises that choose to migrate.


Enterprises that are ready to migrate engage CASAHL’s full DART solution, starting with assessment and continuing through transition to post-migration verification. As outlined in the “How Does It Work?” section below, the DART Suite provides a multi-source, multi-target, and comprehensive migration solution for even the most complex enterprise content/collaboration deployments.

How Does It Work?

Any effective migration needs four specific stages, as outlined below: Discovery, Analysis, Rationalization, and Transition. By discovering and analyzing existing content before migrating, enterprises can save themselves a great deal of pain; by rationalizing existing content and addressing potential migration problems before they materialize, enterprises make the transition itself that much easier. CASAHL’s DART product suite, developed over two decades of migration experience, significantly streamlines the migration process.


The Discovery component, Crawler, inventories legacy deployments in any of the above systems. Enterprises can use it to find any and all content across one or multiple compatible legacy systems and preemptively identify external dependencies that would otherwise trip up a migration.


The analysis tool Analyzer uses the data compiled by Crawler to create highly detailed reports so enterprises get the insight they need to plan a migration. Identifying unused content offers enterprises opportunities to reduce hardware, maintenance, licensing, and training expenses, and reduce migration expenses by archiving or retiring that unused content.


The DART Dashboard, part of the DART Lifecycle Manager, allows enterprises to
plan for migration, address potential hurdles (such as external dependencies) before migrating, and get user input to make sure no small but critical piece of content is overlooked. Build migration plans using the assessment results and consult users before migrating to make sure those plans are as complete as possible.


CASAHL’s transition engine, ecKnowledge, lets enterprises migrate simple key content quickly and cost-effectively with automated scheduling, while deconstructing and recomposing complex custom apps that would otherwise be impractical to migrate in the new environment. It also offers post-migration support – including verification of migration results – to ensure enterprises get the migrations they need.

Who Does What?

These tools and the benefits they offer are available to enterprises whether they work with CASAHL to plan and carry out their entire migration – enterprises can run an assessment before deciding whether to migrate at all – or engage CASAHL and (optional) systems integrator partners to carry out the migration on their behalf.

CASAHL’s suite of services builds on the tools of the DART suite to offer the same results as a turn-key solution. The most popular engagement model is for CASAHL’s experts to partner with your enterprise’s preferred systems integrator to carry out a migration. This overall migration-as-a-service approach is the fastest path to a successful cloud deployment and minimizes the learning curve for enterprise IT.

Pre-Migration Assessment

The CASAHL Pre-Migration Assessment Service employs easy-to-use, multifaceted, high-performance tools for discovering and analyzing information about a variety of collaboration and content platforms

Fixed-Fee Migration

CASAHL provides a low- and fixed-cost option to quickly migrate your standard applications, sites, or folders to build momentum for enterprise-wide adoption of cloud solutions including Office 365

Application Recomposition

Bring large and complex legacy applications to the cloud with CASAHL’s Application Recomposition service


Our experts have accumulated a deep understanding of many different content sources and targets over the past 15 years developing best-of-breed migration/integration software and solutions

Learn more about our Tools and Services

Enterprises are encouraged to explore CASAHL’s Quick Start service if they are interested in next steps after a Pre-Migration Assessment. Quick Start is a low-risk, cost-effective, optional intermediate step ideal for enterprises that are looking to explore next steps after Pre-Migration Assessment but aren’t ready to begin a Fixed-Fee Migration for any reason.

What Our Customers Are Saying

CASAHL is a proud Microsoft Preferred Partner with two decades of optimization and migration experience. We are committed to making migrations and integrations as effective and painless as possible for our clients, so we make sure to support hybrid on-premises and cloud systems as well as integration with external systems such as Salesforce, SAP, or others. Enterprises that need a “soft landing” deployment – a period of coexistence between legacy and modern systems to ease users from one system to another – can count on us to maintain that system coexistence for as long as they need it, whether it’s two weeks, two years, or indefinitely. Our post-migration support also includes ongoing assessment to make sure that your deployment stays as efficient and organized as it was when we helped your enterprise set it up.

We are always happy to answer questions or provide more information if you want to contact us, but don’t take our word for it: see what some of our clients have to say.

The solutions ecKnowledge offers are endless
ecKnowledge Customer
We’ve used ecknowledge in production for over three years and it’s easy to use, it’s flexible, it’s scalable, it offers multiple connectivity options, and it just doesn’t fail.
ecKnowledge Customer
I use ecKnowledge as the glue between the two databases.  
Morton Denison – Glatfelter Insurance Group: Project Manager
We found it to be the best solution for what we needed to do.
Django B, Sony Signatures
Being in the banking industry, we have an obligation to provide up-to-the minute rate changes for our customers, with the installation of ecKnowledge, we are able to provide current rate updates to our web page.
Tim Cardwell, Corporate Database Analyst – Frost Bank

Some of Our Customers

Thanks to its potential for increased productivity, cloud platforms are rapidly becoming key elements of enterprise communication, collaboration, and content. CASAHL has worked with many prominent enterprises, including the ones below, to ensure migration successes. Whether your enterprise knows exactly which platform suits your needs or needs help getting content to the cloud, CASAHL is dedicated to making your migration simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

United Technologies
JB Hunt
Manulife Financial

To learn more about CASAHL’s perspectives on Office 365 and its significance, see Office 365: A content and collaboration crescendo, and see CASAHL’s page on supporting Office 365 migrations for an overview of our process.