Move beyond enterprise content management systems such as EMC Documentum

Legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems such as EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet are rapidly becoming outdated as modern content/collaboration platforms such as Office 365 evolve Web-centric and social tools. Information workers can now access more and more information in the cloud, increasing productivity and reducing enterprise reliance on traditional legacy systems; accordingly, it’s now possible for enterprises to achieve significant savings by transitioning part or all of their lesser-used ECM deployments with CASAHL’s support.

CASAHL takes the DART approach to address one of the most common transition complications enterprises face when dealing with ECM systems, the lack of visibility into current ECM deployments, by providing enterprises with the tools to understand the content in their legacy systems. It’s not unusual for a large enterprise to have deployments of a dozen or more different types of ECM (and Web content management) systems, which may or may not be in line with IT governance rules. The DART lifecycle approach reduces the risks introduced by those systems while making it easier for information workers to collect all of the information resources required to accomplish work activities.

CASAHL’s support for enterprise content management offers a thorough, efficient way to transition content from legacy deployments to a modern Office 365 deployment while consolidating and optimizing it to take full advantage of the new features modern deployments offer. Enterprises interested in learning more should feel free to contact us; for additional details on CASAHL’s offerings, please see: