CASAHL helps organizations move beyond Lotus Notes & Domino

Lotus Notes & Domino was a pioneering groupware platform when it was introduced in 1989, and several other products including Domino Document Manager, QuickPlace, and Quickr, were later built on the powerful Notes/Domino platform. As a collaborative application development environment, Notes & Domino has evolved for more than twenty-five years to provide an exceptionally powerful tool-set. Over the years, however, applications on this platform have been rebuilt on alternative platforms, leaving many enterprises with content stored in an increasingly outdated system. CASAHL’s support for Lotus Notes & Domino lets enterprises collect the content stored in those systems and move it to a modern content system like Office 365 without losing any of the information fidelity that originally helped to make Notes so powerful.

Many enterprises seeking to transition their collaborative application and content portfolios out of the Notes & Domino platform and into more modern, Web-centric platform alternatives wish to standardize on a single content and collaboration platform and the cloud. Given the high annual license and maintenance fees offered by legacy products, as well as the lower strategic value, it’s not an unreasonable goal. Transitioning to a modern platform can eliminate a significant portion of those costs by consolidating content spread across multiple legacy systems and offloading infrastructure support.

a Lotus Notes Domino database ready for analysis

CASAHL strives to make the transition process transparent and intuitive for enterprises, which generally results in reports being produced.

A key benefit of taking the DART approach to a Notes & Domino migration  is its ability to simplify and streamline the transition. In most cases, enterprises end up transitioning less than 15% of their collaborative application and content deployments to the new environment. Thanks to templates developed over two decades of market experience, ecKnowledge can automate many of the remaining transition tasks, including those that would otherwise require extensive custom development. ecKnowledge can also generate SharePoint forms to replace Notes & Domino forms, and can address identity (user, group, and role) and access control mapping, as seen above, as well as Notes & Domino content, ensuring full content fidelity in new deployments.

Most enterprises using a Lotus Notes & Domino platform have accumulated a variety of different collaboration and content tools since acquiring Notes; the fact that ecKnowledge works with all leading systems, and is not limited to IBM systems when transitioning, means that enterprises working with CASAHL can address their full portfolio with a single, lifecycle-based solution.

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