Move to robust, Web-based collaboration platforms

Most enterprises have, historically, relied on file share systems for a range of basic content and collaboration needs. Although relatively inexpensive and easy to use, file systems like Box are also functionally limited, especially compared to modern collaboration/content systems like Office 365. Their tendency to accumulate overlarge files, deeply nested file trees, and unsupported file types makes them conducive to out-of-control content distribution and redundancy. This creates significant enterprise risks and makes it difficult for information workers to gather all of the information resources required for their work activities. As a result, many enterprises seek to migrate their file system-based collaborative applications and content to modern alternatives such as Office 365, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint. CASAHL’s support for file system content applies the DART approach to help enterprises handle this exact situation.

Transitioning away from file shares doesn’t have to be a painful process. Many enterprises have difficulty dealing with file shares because they are often implemented haphazardly and rapidly become disorganized. CASAHL makes it easy to transition away from file shares by identifying the content in them, no matter how many systems or subfolders the content is spread across, and transition them into a centralized modern deployment while retaining full content fidelity.

CASAHL’s support for file share management offers a thorough, efficient way to consolidate content from multiple legacy deployments into a modern Office 365 or SharePoint deployment while optimizing that content to take full advantage of the new features modern deployments offer. This page primarily applies to Box and Windows Server file shares; enterprises working with Google Drive or Google Sites should see our support page for Google Apps Content. Enterprises interested in learning more should feel free to read more by downloading the whitepaper or contact us for more information. For additional details on CASAHL’s offerings, please see: