CASAHL’s Rationalization Product, built on the DART Lifecycle Manager, helps enterprises collaboratively develop, refine, and manage transition plans in a fully-functional collaboration workspace. An Office-365-based workspace – a DART Dashboard – is created for each migration project and populated with the results of the enterprise’s Pre-Migration Assessment. Each Dashboard is a dedicated collaboration workspace securely available to all levels of user input, enabling enterprises to use the results of their assessments to organize content, collectively establish migration goals, and preemptively remediate migration blockers.

All of the site/app/content-level Assessment details are made available in the Dashboard workspace, providing a rich informational background for users and managers to better understand their content and make informed decisions about the migration plan. The DART Dashboard’s unique Migration Project Task Assignment capabilities let enterprises assign remediation tasks, communicate with users, monitor and assign budget, and enable in-workspace reports and progress tracking.

Rationalization offers enterprises several other key benefits, including:

  • Full user buy-in – by offering everyone from management to personnel the ability to provide input and make sure that their important content is accounted for, enterprises can factor in considerations that can’t be inferred from an automated assessment and ensure a more efficient transition for users.

  • Remediation – our specialized tool set also enables enterprises to identify and resolve external dependencies (instances where a site or app refers to an outside database or program for information) that would otherwise make it difficult or impossible to migrate legacy applications.
  • A smooth transition to the cloud – the workspace provided by the Rationalization Product frees up IT support staff to handle other migration tasks; it is built in Office 365, giving users a chance to familiarize themselves with Office 365 apps and capabilities before the transition if your enterprise chooses to move to Office 365.

  • Community building – the cloud-based DART Dashboard workspace is ideal for keeping users involved in the migration process, and its global availability offers enterprises with geographically distant offices a way to keep their offices communicating. Even system integrator partners can get and stay involved.

Once enterprises have identified and addressed migration needs and potential pitfalls, the Dashboard makes it easy for enterprises to migrate content automatically with Fixed-Fee Migration, or carry out Application Recomposition for more complex collaborative apps and sites. Rationalization also lets enterprises work with preferred partners; with access to the Dashboard, partners can report progress or offer quotes right there in the Office 365 environment.

Rationalization can also help enterprises manage very large-scale migrations by dividing them into more manageable migration projects based on departments, divisions, physical locations, or other combinations best suited to their enterprise’s organization. Subdividing an enterprise-wide project like that helps to ensure that transition project plans are prepared by the people most familiar with the legacy systems and business needs, and speeds up migration by allowing teams to work on multiple migration projects simultaneously. CASAHL recommends that the number of site collections should be less than 1000 per migration project for manageability and communication within migration project members.

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