CASAHL ecKnowledge is used to implement transition plans developed by DART Lifecycle Manager users

ecKnowledge is CASAHL’s transition platform, a uniquely powerful and high-performance tool used to implement and centrally manage the transition plans developed in CASAHL’s DART Lifecycle Manager (DLM). Its proprietary APIs make it simple to move content from a variety of source systems into a target system or systems with minimal effort; jobs can even be migrated automatically, enabling IT personnel to focus their attention on other migration tasks.

The wide range of tasks handled by ecKnowledge lets CASAHL provide multiple customer engagement models. In the most common engagement model, CASAHL partners with Microsoft Consulting Services or another systems integrator to jointly handle all aspects of migration projects for its enterprise customers, using ecKnowledge along with specialized tools for assessment and other migration tasks. Enterprises also have the option of directly licensing and deploying CASAHL’s product suite if their needs go beyond one-time migration projects.

How it works:

  • Standard Content: ecKnowledge jobs are often automatically generated and leverage templates when applicable. The system provides a high-level framework that includes connections, actions, data transformation, events, rules and robust error handling, and can generate forms for external applications like InfoPath.

  • Custom Content: ecKnowledge also serves as a platform for custom application development, addressing more elaborate and customized migration tasks.

  • Full Lifecycle Support: ecKnowledge provides a single desktop for transition planners, and continues to provide it with data during transitions, to keep your migration team up to date on the migration’s progress and your migration process going smoothly.

ecKnowledge preparing to carry out SharePoint migration tasks

ecKnowledge preparing to carry out migration tasks. In a synchronization project, the “Pipe Type” field would be two-way.

Key Features:

ecKnowledge has the ability to handle a wide range of migration and integration tasks beyond simple document transfers: it can automatically handle discussions, inter-document relationships, external dependencies, job scheduling, and access control details with support for multiple authentication models. As a single solution able to work with a wide variety of content source and target systems, ecKnowledge also supports integration between content systems, database management systems, and other structured data resources (such as enterprise applications).

With support for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments, ecKnowledge even makes it possible for enterprises to keep important data synchronized between old and new content systems. It can maintain coexistence between new and old systems for the entire length of the transition process, no matter how long it takes; this “soft landing” capability lets users switch to Office 365 without jarring transitions or lowered productivity during migrations.

Business Impact:

By making integration between collaboration/content systems and structured information systems seamless and automatic, ecKnowledge makes it possible for organizations to take full advantage of all types of information resources. ecKnowledge’s ability to automate migration tasks lets transition planners focus on the architecture of new collaboration systems instead of the transition itself; its seamless support for the most widely-deployed content and collaboration systems dramatically reduces the time and labor costs associated with large scale transition projects while providing users with a minimally disruptive transition.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, or download the datasheet to learn more.

ecKnowledge: the T in DART

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“Being in the banking industry, we have an obligation to provide up-to-the minute rate changes for our customers, with the installation of ecKnowledge, we are able to provide current rate updates to our web page.” 


-Tim Cardwell, Corporate Database Analyst, Frost Bank