Replic-Action Integrates IBM Notes Applications With Enterprise Data

CASAHL continues to support and maintain Replic-Action, the award-winning pre-Cloud precursor to CASAHL ecKnowledge. Replic-Action is designed to integrate Lotus Notes & Domino with other enterprise resources, such as database management systems (DBMSs) and enterprise applications. It focuses primarily on data integration between Notes and ODBC-compliant DBMS and serves as the workhorse of many IBM customers, integrating DBMS content into their Notes applications.

Notes & Domino is a proprietary but exceptionally powerful and complex collaboration/content platform, and it has been used as the foundation for a wide and deep range of enterprise applications since the late 1980s. Replic-Action established a strategic competitive advantage for CASAHL by providing unique insights into Lotus Notes & Domino enterprise collaboration/content integration and migration customer requirements, allowing enterprises to take full advantage of DBMS capabilities by integrating them with the powerful framework of Notes. The unique insights, experience, and technologies CASAHL developed for Replic-Action customers have similarly developed over time and are incorporated into CASAHL’s DART solution.

Enterprises primarily dealing with Notes & Domino systems are encouraged to download the datasheet for more information or contact us to learn more. Any enterprises dealing with Notes & Domino systems in combination with on-premises systems like legacy SharePoint or cloud-based content systems such as Google Drive are encouraged to explore CASAHL ecKnowledge.